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Neighborhood Chat / so sorry to hear this
« on: November 11, 2021, 05:02:28 PM »
I understand being tired of doing this, but I hope you have tried to pass it to others.  This is a marvelous neighborhood resource.

Has someone identified what these other substitute sites are for discussing JH news?

If you will need fresh cranberries for holiday dishes -- I'm going to make the NYTimes cranberry cornbread tomorrow morning --

With all the talk about supply difficulties, I would get them now and throw into the freezer.  Where to get?
FoodTown - none
Kim's Bros (now called 37 Lime Tree per the receipt) $2 for Ocean Spray 12oz
Mango Rico - $2.99 for the above
Former "Fruitadona" (don't know what they are called now), betw 83-84 - $3.99 for the above.  The price difference is amazing.

The local groceries haven't carried NoneSuch mincemeat, in jars or boxes, for a few years. Walmart has the best price but won't deliver at that price.  For its best combo of price + shipping I ordered from Smucker's directly and also got their Cross & Blackwell mincemeat for comparison and other sauces.   A decent price and modest flat rate shipping, arrived in one week and SO WELL PACKAGED so no glass breakage. 

Will combine mincemeat and fresh cranberries for Thanksgiving pie.

Real Estate & Home Improvement / Again seeking a wood table refinisher
« on: September 26, 2021, 10:32:34 PM »
Found a great person through this list a few months ago and had an amicable exchange of services for payment, but he's disappeared.  Busy in a job, or whatever.  After a few weeks of waiting for a reply, need to find another person.  If you don't want to discard a table, but it's worn, what to do?  All ideas appreciated with thanks. 

Neighborhood Chat / Re: LES in Jackson Heights, via NYTimes!
« on: August 14, 2021, 08:44:35 PM »
I'd say you might be surprised at the number of folks linked with icons who live here in a low key way.

Sounds like you are one of them! 

Neighborhood Chat / LES in Jackson Heights, via NYTimes!
« on: August 14, 2021, 09:37:28 AM »
Must say, I'm amazed that an owner of a LES icon lives in our 'hood.

Neighborhood Chat / Favorite car service to JFK?
« on: July 05, 2021, 03:04:34 PM »
We don't use Uber/Lyft.  What car service do you use to JFK and is anyone cheaper than anyone else?
Thanks for quick reply, going crack of dawn Thurs. Too early to get up for subway trip.

Other options besides Happy Kitchen, ideally with outdoor seating as weather warms?

Restaurants & Food / Re: Mango Rico @ 76th Street
« on: May 02, 2021, 05:59:03 PM »
The benefits of Mango Rico are that it is very well-organized, neatly presented, brightly lit, prices clearly marked and well-priced.  All of those except the last are lacking at my former #1, Kim's Bros.  But I shop at Kim's because I don't want to see them have to close, but I bet they will eventually.  Mango Rico just isn't as family funky as the low-down Kim's, it's spiffy, yet the prices are not upscale, or just more, as they are at the produce stands on the north side of 37th.  That distinguishes them, and is a draw.  Less chaotic than the cramped and dimly lit Kim's. And in my experience Lemon Farm can be counted on to charge $1 more for everything than either Kim's or Mango R. 

Earlier this afternoon (Sunday 5/2/21) I bought a gorgeous large handmade spring/summer door wreath of twine-wrapped cones made into decorative carrots, plus many thin wood branches and flowered foliage.  At at table in front of the school on south side of 37th, east of FoodTown.  The price was a (ridiculously low) $12 (I gave her more).  If you want to see it for distinctive decor and potentially support our neighbor, see my Instagram post, as the attachments allowed here are smaller size than what iphone pix makes. She also makes them with apples.

I got her name and phone number; email me to get it.

He hit the Belvedere on 35th Av/84th-85th last night.  Surveillance cameras got man come in with large bag 10:30pm Sat night, filled it with unclaimed packages, left.

Thank you.  Have loved viewing films at Kew Gardens.  Will do, and will get a pizza!

Neighborhood Chat / Urgent: Abandoned piano at Travers Park?
« on: April 21, 2021, 11:51:12 AM »
At SE corner against fence of Travers Park about 20 minutes ago, is a beautiful spinet piano in carved wooden case, with accompanying wood chair with crewel flowered seat.  Abandoned for the taking?  Or was the pianist taking a break?  I hope the latter. If the former, I hope it goes to the home where piano music is enjoyed.

I've been having great results getting costume and metal jewelry repaired by Antonio Hernandez at Tequendama Gift, 83-05 37th Avenue. He's in the window on the left.  He's such a nice person doing quick professional fixes at reasonable prices that I want to spread the word.  He's a one-person place and goes to lunch early-mid afternoon so call if you're making a special trip  347 387-1512. For repairs for pieces with gemstones, real or faux, I go to a place near Canal Street I can recommend.

Neighborhood Chat / Re: Has traffic gotten worse?
« on: April 10, 2021, 01:26:12 PM »
Acknowledging that traffic is much more dense on 35th Avenue than it was before 34th was closed (my direct experience living with many windows onto 35th Avenue) is not scape-goating, it is just that, recognizing a fact.  But likewise, 37th Avenue is much more dense.  People who used to take public transit are driving more.

Neighborhood Chat / Mid-year tips for steady newspaper delivery?
« on: April 05, 2021, 07:00:21 PM »
Neighbors -- Pls give me your views on WHAT TO DO:
We have the printed NYTimes delivered every day.  Since October, our regularly missing paper has ceased.  Every morning we open our sixth floor door and there it is, and it is a relief from our prior anxieties of Will it Be There, or Not??
In December a self-addressed envelope with a Corona address came with the delivery and I mailed him a hefty gift in cash with a thank you.  Now we're getting envelopes monthly.  We can afford regular tips, and he must need money, but we're already paying for the paper to be delivered. How much and how often do you suggest?  Thx.

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