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Neighborhood Chat / Seeking Pediatric Opthalmologist in Jackson Heights
« on: December 15, 2021, 09:19:14 PM »
Can anyone recommend a pediatric opthalmologist in Jackson Heights or the surrounding neighborhoods?

Artfl Dodger, Heights Historic told me they will only take a project if it has a minimum of seven windows. Would love to learn of other companies folks have used as I can tell Historical Windows is going to come in high on the quote.

Thank you; very helpful.

I would be indebted if someone would provide information on the least expensive legal way to replace four street side windows in a Historic District apartment. I'm under the impression that new windows could cost $8,000-$10,000 due to the need to hire someone to submit an application with the Landmarks Commission.

If anyone has the name of application expeditors and companies that install replacement or new windows that meet the criteria, that would be helpful.

Finally,  how much might replacement windows cost in comparison to new ones?

Thanks so much.



Real Estate & Home Improvement / Re: Reliable/honest auto mechanic?
« on: September 14, 2015, 04:13:45 PM »
I found a great honest mechanic at the Sunoco station on Northern and around 98th. Ask for Singh. He's my man.

Restaurants & Food / Re: Lemon Farm on 78/37th ave thoughts?
« on: June 21, 2014, 10:25:31 AM »
Just a heads-up about some good new products they're carrying: Justin's Peanut Butter Cups, Prosciutto di Parma, Eli's Hot Dog Rolls, Newman's Own Baked Goods, an expanded line of Rustic Bakery crackers, and Eleni's cookies.

Restaurants & Food / Re: Lemon Farm mini Gourmet market on 78th/37th
« on: September 29, 2013, 10:27:03 AM »
Apologies for the delayed response. I haven't had time to check in on the board the past few months. Adam and John did say they were getting in organic kale. I will follow-up with them now about it.

I got on the board today to say that, at my request, they're now carrying Brooklyn Hot Dogs, a superb new brand that I first came upon at Murray's. I encourage everyone to try them. My preferred way to cook them is to roast them because that method highlights their admirable "snap" and smokiness. For what it's worth, while the hot dogs are not advertised as low-fat, relative to others they have very little fat because they're made with lean beef. You can have a couple and still feel like you're eating something relatively light.

John and Adam have also brought in a line of high-end honey from New Zealand (perhaps keep it mind as a gift instead of maybe a bottle of wine), plus new brands of chocolates such as Vosges Haut Chocolat and Chuao.



Restaurants & Food / Re: Lemon Farm mini Gourmet market on 78th/37th
« on: June 12, 2013, 06:04:53 AM »
So sorry to hear about your disapproval with the tone of some of these updates. Perhaps it might be best if I, at least, explain my vociferous support; can't speak for others. John and Adam are Turkish immigrants as far as I can gather. English is not their first language and they have no in-store demos or signage that would otherwise alert customers of these new products.  Many of the products that I and others have urged them to carry (e.g. buratta) are extremely perishable and expensive, therefore, it's imperative for potential customers to know when they are in stock so that a market for the products can develop in the community. If the community doesn't know about the products, then they will languish or spoil, forcing John and Adam to revert to stocking more generic foods -- and then there won't be any reason to post updates here. If you care about great food products, and are aware of how unusual it is for a store in Jackson Heights like theirs to carry, say, Olli salami or this coffee syrup, which is not even available in Manhattan yet, then you naturally want to share the news with others. Thanks so much for understanding.   

Restaurants & Food / Re: Lemon Farm mini Gourmet market on 78th/37th
« on: June 11, 2013, 10:22:31 PM »
I am pleased to report that in addition to now selling burrata and buffalo mozzarella, at my request, John and Adam are now selling Dave's Coffee Syrup (, a fantastic, all-natural product that I was recently introduced to by a J.H. neighbor with a house in R.I. This stuff is amazing over ice cream, in coffee egg creams and in cocktails, among many other uses, and has a perfect viscosity for pouring, meaning it's not too thick or thin. I strongly encourage everyone to try it. The product was an Editor's Pick in the May issue of Food & Wine and recently won "Best New Product Packaging" at the most recent Specialty Coffee Convention in Boston. I spoke with Dave Lanning of Dave's and he confirmed that the product is sold in a few smart stores in Brooklyn but nowhere else in Queens. It is currently available at Whole Foods, but not in our region. I urge everyone to try it. If it sells well, I will encourage Adam and John to stock the company's other flavors.

Lemon Farm is also now selling McClure's Pickles (both garlic and dill and spicy) for $4.99, which is about half of what some stores in Manhattan charge.

Restaurants & Food / Re: Lemon Farm mini Gourmet market on 78th/37th
« on: December 22, 2012, 10:57:24 AM »
Another update on new goods John and Adam are now stocking at the store: Even more cheeses from Artisanal Premium Cheese, including Terraluna from Utah and an organic Pecorino Sardo; Ducktrap River smoked mackerel (hopefully, they'll get the pastrami salmon and trout in, too); an assortment of smoked fish from Echo Falls; Tate's cookies; Nancy Adams Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers; Tyrrell's potato chips (quite good); and a brand of pate the name of which I can't recall. Regarding Liberte yogurt, John says he had it in stock for a time but then wasn't able to procure it again. He is going to try again.

Happy holidays,


Restaurants & Food / Re: Lemon Farm mini Gourmet market on 78th/37th
« on: December 08, 2012, 09:54:16 PM »
Board users might be interested to know that Lemon Farm now carries wedges of Parmigiano-Reggiano, the real deal and "King of Cheeses." Best of all the price is $14 something a pound (can't recall the exact amount), which is significantly less than what Whole Foods charges ($19.99) and one of the lowest prices you'll find around town. John and Adam are also now carrying Old Chatham Sheepherding Co. yogurt and cheeses, and the full line of pre-packaged Artisanal cheeses, including Grassias from Texas. For those interested in high-quality tuna, I recommend the Tonino brand they carry, which they've priced, again, significantly less than what Whole Foods charges.

Restaurants & Food / Re: Lemon Farm mini Gourmet market on 78th/37th
« on: September 24, 2012, 09:49:23 PM »
I am happy to report that John and Adam, the co-owners of the store, just got in Applegate organic and natural meats, including the company's bacon, roasted turkey and ham. I'm hoping they eventually start carrying Niman Ranch Fearless Franks and bacon, too, as the same company that distributes Applegate in New York also distributes Niman Ranch products. The store is now also selling Food Should Taste Good tortilla chips, an excellent brand, and Bruce Cost's Fresh Ginger Ginger Ale, a stellar ginger soda, in four flavors. These are all great additions and I encourage everyone to shop at the store and show John and Adam that there is demand for these products. Another item on my wish list is Olli Salumeria ( whose charcuterie is up there with Fra' Mani's. The one advantage that Olli's stuff has is that it's vacuum packed and has a long shelf life. Feel free to post items that you would like the story to carry and I will let them know.

Restaurants & Food / Re: Lemon Farm mini Gourmet market on 78th/37th
« on: September 12, 2012, 09:30:09 AM »
They just got in two new cheeses from Artisanal: Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve, which won the 2010 American Cheese Society's Gold Medal, besting 1,400 other American cheeses (it's also won best cheese in its class for the past three years) and North Country Blue from Minnesota, a cheese I've never even seen in Murray's or Fairway. Please note, the Uplands is an expensive cheese no matter where you buy it, but Lemon Farm's price is quite reasonable. They also now have in Laura Chenel goat cheese marinated in olive oil at a low price. Adam said he's hoping to get a bread shipment from Eli's and Amy's this Thursday and I've encouraged him to post a sign letting customers know the weekly delivery date to ensure the loaves can be purchased at their peak freshness.

Restaurants & Food / Re: Lemon Farm mini Gourmet market on 78th/37th
« on: September 07, 2012, 09:23:30 PM »
I also discovered that they are now selling eight-ounce bars of one-year-aged and maple-smoked Grafton cheddar for $2.99, which I told Adam had to be mismarked. He said, no, that was the correct price. That is a ridiculous deal. I'm hoping that they get the two-year in, too. Adam also said they're trying to get Applegate organic and natural meats in, which I know a lot of parents in the neighborhood would appreciate for their kids. I've encouraged him to try and get some Niman Ranch products in. Maybe, just maybe, we'll even see Nueske's bacon one day, but perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself. Still, you can't blame a guy for dreamin'.

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