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websites of JH artists-musicians-writers-filmmakers-creatives
« on: October 13, 2008, 10:07:13 PM »
Many residents of Jackson Heights are involved in the arts.  Here are just a few websites of our creative neighbors.

Ms Gregg Mayer former professional dancer, choreographer, teacher in Europe and USA. Currently master Movement teacher: Kripalu Yoga,  Pilates Mat, Vipassana Meditation, Stretch modalities and varieties of Mindful Movement added 6/6/19
 Mark Lutin Photographer
Natalie Ann Johnson writer, actor, filmmaker
Kim Cummings filmmaker
Celeste Balducci filmmaker
Jack Feldstein filmmaker/scriptwriter about
Kevin Eng photographer
Kevin Eng filmmaker
Susan Stewart actor
Rumando Pando Youtube channel that features some videos with Armando Riesco and Shirley Rumierk, filmed mainly in JH actors
Alex and Iggy husband and wife photography duo
Shiying Lu photographer

Suzaan Boettger writer, art historian and art collector added 6/18/19
Chris Barrett writer
Brian J. Bromberg Author, Writer, Comedian, Loud-mouth
Maria Terrone poet and writer
Holly Anderson writer and lyricist
Tim Fredrick writer
Les Gura Writer
The Peanut Butter Poet writer
Rich Newman poet, writer & translator blog

Cecilia Motwani fashion designer
Ellen Kantro artist - mixed media and acrylics
Ursula Eagly performance
Suran Song artist
KC Trommer artist
Cesar Paris YarlequeLatin American art
Justine Reyes Photographer / Artist
Sandra Mack Valencia paintings and drawings
Jean Foos paintings and drawings
Laura Fayer paintings and drawings
Derick Melander artist
Sohbr Studio Architecture & Interior Design, Preservation Consulting
Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design
Liz Leggett paintings and drawings
Linda Ganjian artist
Kay WalkingStick artist
Dirk Bach artist
John L. Moore artist
John Ramsey illustration
Leontine Greenberg painter
Margaret Cogswell artist
Paul Dacey artist
Matt Pych multidisciplinary visual artist
Michele Valdez photography and painting
Elizabeth White artist
Rossi Projects LLC artist
Custom Lighting Design sculptural lighting 
Deborah Wasserman visual artist
Amy Stein photography
Accra Shepp artist
Jamie Lemoine photography
Sarah Perry-Stout illustrator
Alex Nantes Photographer
Alessandra Exposito Artist
Sue Z Smith painter and blogger
Joanna Reynolds artist
Susan Springer Anderson artist
Junko Yamada Japanese Collage Artist
Laura Picallo photographer
Tim Goldman illustrator and designer
Clara Fialho paintings and drawings
James Barth visual artist
Jean Marie Casbarian artist
Armen Kojoyian graphic designer/illustrator/artist
Nicole Zehr artist
Norma Greenwood artist
Ann Waddell artist - photography and handmade paper
Jess Levey Multi-Media Artist, Photographer and Videographer
Josh Strauss Photographer
Christopher Brody mosaic and ceramic artist
Deborah Wasserman visual artist (painting, drawing, performance)
Suzaan Boettger, Ph.D. art historian/art critic
Vincent La Scala artist
Lillian Przedecki artist/photographer

Sal Cannestra Musician
Chris Smith jazz drummer
Steve Wynn musician
Jonathan Kane musician
Ed Fuqua musician
Jim Hershman guitarist
Carol Thomas musician
Joe Knipes musician
Jonny Meyers musician, songwriter
Jamie Lemoine music
Brian Kastan & Maria Hartmann Kastan guitarist, bassist, nature photographer/ artist and singer
Demetrius Spaneas performer, composer
MadTeo makes sounds...a bit experimental-both analog & digital
Al Basics writer, poet, musician
Paul Trust performing musician, music teacher, bassist, songwriter
Seth Berkowitz musician
Jan Vinci musician
Mark Vinci musician
James Roy musician

If you want to add your site to this compilation, send me a PM (personal message) and your site will be added to the list.

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